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Chicken Dhaga Kabab 120
Chicken Dhaga Kabab Just about everyone has eaten a kabab at one time or another in their lifetime

Platos para Vegetarianos

Sambusa (Lentejas) 120
Fetira (Huevos Revueltos) 120
Misir Wot (Lentejas Rojas) 120
Kik Alitcha Wot (Garbanzos) 120
Atklt Beyeainetu (Plato Variado) 120
Shiro Wot (Guisantes) 120

Platos de Carnes

Beyeainetu (Plato Variado Ternera, Pollo Y Vegetales) 120
Key Wot (Ternera Estofada En Salsa Picante) 120
Alitcha Wot (Ternera Estofada En Salsa Suave) 120
Yebeg Key Wot (Cordero En Salsa Picante) 120
Tibs (Ternera, Cebolla Y Pimiento Verde) 120
Yebeg Alitcha Wot (Cordero En Salsa Suave) 120
Yebeg Tibs (Cordero, Cebolla Y Pimiento Verde) 120
Doro Wot (Pollo Estofado Con Huevo Duro) 120
Dulet (Variado De Carne, Higado Y Estomago De Cordero) 120

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Ethiopia Habesha is a renowned Ethiopian restaurant nestled in the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain. It stands out among the culinary landscape for its authentic Ethiopian cuisine, warm ambiance, and excellent service, making it a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.



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